Join Our Community

If you reside within the boundaries of the state of Indiana, you are welcome to become a full member of ATA-IN. With your paid membership, you will automatically become eligible for all events and activities offered by our organization.

Why should you consider joining?


Social Community:  A community of educated individuals with Turkish heritage and friends of Turkey who are active and having fun! Not only do you get instant access to a full social calendar, but you also quickly and easily meet new friends and form lasting relationships. And since people join ATA-IN to meet new people, you will find yourself immediately welcomed by current members.


Activities & Events:  ATA-IN offers the widest variety of exciting activities: from the adventurous to the cultural; the spontaneous to the creative. We ensure that you are meeting new people and getting the maximum performance out of your social calendar. Do you have an idea for an activity that's not on our calendar? At ATA-IN, we strongly encourage our members to host their own events. 

Member Networking:
  ATA-IN members are just like you - too busy to organize their own events or have recently moved to the area and are looking to meet new people. Together they will become your best resource for fun, socializing, business networking, and more. 

Active Participation:
  Annual membership dues include many benefits such as publications, discounts for events and merchandise, right to vote and take an active role at the Board level.


One (1) year membership for one adult, aged 18 years or older.

Individual Membership Cost:  $30.00


One (1) year membership for one family: one or two parents and their children (under 18 years of age). 



Family Membership Cost:


One (1) year membership for one full-time or part-time student, 18 years of age or older, attending school within the state of Indiana. 

Student Membership Cost:

Membership Details:

  • Memberships are valid from January 1 - December 31 and needs to be renewed every year to become eligible for member specific benefits. 
  • First time members joining in September and after get 1/2 off for the year they joined. 
  • Old members renewing membership in September and after still pay full price. 
  • Only paid members can be elected as a Board Member.